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Saturday, April 4, 2020


Males become female when striped maples take a health hit

Above a certain trauma threshold, male trees had a high probability of becoming female, possibly in a bid to better their chances at reproduction.

Twitter for Science Networking

Suddenly can't network at conferences? How could you network on Twitter?

European white oak hybrids can be well-identified with a small set of genetic markers

A limited set of SNPs identified the species of test trees with a high degree of accuracy, finding asymmetrical mixing among the three species.

A close-up view of Cardmine hirsuta’s flight jacket

Being rooted, plants have very little opportunity to travel. They can as pollen to find a mate, and also as seeds. In...

Mitochondria and stress signalling

How does a plant sense stress and pass those signals around its body? Corentin Dourmap and colleagues have reviewed the role of...

Stomatal anatomy coordinates leaf size with Rubisco kinetics in Limonium

Stomatal anatomy integrates Rubisco kinetics and leaf size in Limonium species, consistent with selection on functional coordination and shared developmental pathways.

Honeybees much less effective than native pollinators for Lepechinia floribunda

It's not just a matter of number of visits, a pollinator has to arrive at the right time too.

When speed is a problem in mangrove restoration

Rapid restoration isn't always the best restoration, when the restoring species is invasive.

Leaf trichomes may avoid water stress in part by impeding gall formation

Trichomes seem to help prevent the larger gall types that lead to greater water loss.

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