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  • Modelling Of Ecosystems: the Cycle, Inputs and Ouputs
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    Stochastic modelling in ecosystems – progress but we are not there yet

    Modelling of processes lets one understand the functions of interacting components, helps to identify parts of processes, and can predict outcomes of changes in the system. Unfortunately, what was a major area of financial modelling is now largely discredited, much to the cost of the rest of us; other areas such as insurance are becoming so […] More

  • An important ecosystem: the Cerrado in Brazil
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    Stochastic Modelling in Ecosystems

    Predicting ecosystems responses under changing environment conditions is one of the major challenges in ecology. It is rendered more complex by the non-linear dynamics which characterise ecosystems and the partially stochastic nature of key drivers. Environmental drivers (including climate, nutrients, fire, and herbivores) change in time and space, sometimes gradually and smoothly, sometimes less gradually, […] More

  • Dying date palms
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    Ecosystems, services and understanding human-environment relations

    Ecosystem services are not a meaningful framework of interpretation of human-environment relations for the vast majority of people, although the term has gained traction in science and policy. Culturally the concepts which have most meaning are those of nature. And the public does appreciate the benefits of provisioning services, for example the supply of food […] More