About Us

Botany One is a weblog produced by The Annals of Botany Company. The aim of the weblog is to alert plant scientists around the world to interesting and topical news about plants drawn from a wide variety of sources that include Annals of Botany and AoB PLANTS. This wider support of Botany is the company’s way of fulfilling its mission as a non-profit organization of promoting increased understanding of plant biology, as it has for over 100 years.

The Annals of Botany Company is a Limited Company registered in England No. 78001 at:
University of Exeter, Innovation Centre, Rennes Drive, Exeter, EX4 4RN, UK, and is also a Registered Charity, No. 237771


Anne Osterrieder

Editor in Chief: Anne Osterrieder

Anne Osterrieder (@anneosterrieder on Twitter) is a Senior Lecturer in Biology and Science Communication at Oxford Brookes University, UK. A plant cell biologist, she loves the Golgi apparatus, lasers and cats. She has her own blog at Plant Cell Biology.
Email: editor@botany.one

Ian Street

Resources Editor: Ian Street

Ian Street (@IHStreet on Twitter) is a plant scientist, science writer who blogs at The Quiet Branches. He is also a cohost of The Recovering Academic Podcast, and an Associate Editor at The POSTDOCket, the newsletter of the National Postdoc Association, and most recently, a Virtual Lab Manager at HappiLabs.
Email: resources@botany.one

Alun Salt

Producer: Alun Salt

Alun (@41un on Twitter) is Not A Botanist. He fell in Botany while working on an Integrated Sciences as an archaeologist, and later teaching mathematics to biologists. If there’s a technical problem on the site, he’s the person to contact.
Email: webmaster@botany.one


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For Journalists and Bloggers

The Annals of Botany Company puts out press releases on stories that we think will have wide interest. If you’d like a copy of the paper that the press release is about then we will be happy to provide it. You can contact us via our email form at the OUP.
As far as we’re concerned a science journalist is anyone who is writing competently about science that goes beyond rehashing press releases. So this offer extends to bloggers as well as professional journalists. Ideally we would like you to be signed up to Research Blogging, but it’s not essential. If you’re a blogger and happy to stick to the embargoes then we can also send you embargoed press-releases and photos.

We’re also happy to send you a paper if you think you’d like to blog about it. but can’t access it. If you want to cover a paper, let us know and we will try and make that paper available on the web for free. We’re limited to how many papers we can do this with because much of the journal is funded by subscription, but we do have some leeway for promotion.