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    Write for us – join our ‘Botany Writers’ mailing list

    Would you like to spread the word about your latest paper? Do you feel that there isn’t enough information available online about your particular area of research? Do you have an engaging video or activity that you’d like to share with the wider world? Or do you simply feel passionate about science communication and making […] More

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    Job opportunity: Social Media Assistant, Annals of Botany & Botany One

    Are you an early career stage biologist (PhD student, postdoc, research fellow) with an interest in science communication and social media? Do you have a knack for writing engaging blog posts? Do you feel passionate about making current plant research more accessible to a wider audience? We are looking for a social media assistant to […] More

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    7th International and 16th National Conference on Plant Resources: Current Trends, Challenges and Solutions

    Pakistan is the home of some of the world’s leading ecological regions due to immense variation in its wide latitude, spread from gigantic mountain peaks of Karakoram, Hindu Kush and Western Himalayas to the coasts of Arabian Sea, which contributes to the overall biodiversity of the country. Unwise economic policies have widened inequalities, and forced […] More

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    New Resources Editor vows to review ALL the resources

    It is our great pleasure to welcome Dr Ian Street to our editorial team. Ian will be taking on the role of our first ever Resources Editor. What is a Resources Editor, I hear you ask – let me explain. At AoBBlog, we like books. We also like book reviews, which are an integral part of many scientific […] More

  • Google Trends graph showing peaks in interest for 'plant' in summer months

    Plant Records: The Plant that Fooled Millions

    Name: Baniwi (Banana Kiwi) plant Scientific name: N/A Known for: Fooling millions and millions of people Record broken: Going viral on the internet At AoBBlog, we like graphs and data. Therefore, I decided to approach our ‘Record-Breaking Plants’ week slightly different, by trying to find out which plant generated the highest interest online this year. Google […] More

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    A picture is worth a thousand bullet points

    Hands up if you have ever ‘speed-read’ a scientific paper just by looking at the figures. Don’t feel guilty, it’s your brain’s fault. Images appeal to us, as we are drawn to bright colours, and we process information faster when it is presented in a picture. More and more journals are asking for graphical abstracts. Presentations with diagrams are […] More

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