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  • An example of RNA expression data for ARR10 from ePlant.
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    ePlant: A Comprehensive Data Visualization Tool for Plant Biologists

    The advent and breadth of bioinformatics resources have made scientist’s jobs easier. Before jumping into wet lab work, they are able to parse gene targets and construct better hypotheses. Several groups and research institutes have taken the initiative to provide datasets, tools, algorithms, open source code, and visualization platforms. A comprehensive study of a gene […] More

  • Lateral root primordia expressing GFP-plasma membrane marker UBQ10::YFP-PIP1;4 and RFP-nuclear UBQ10::H2B-RFP marker

    TipTracker: automatic tracking of diverse moving objects

    We study plant roots by observing their developmental stages, physiological conditions and their cell biology. The advent of fluorescent proteins and the power of confocal microscopy have enabled us to track the developmental processes such as cell division, elongation, differentiation, and changes in vital hormone responses. Rapid processes like gravitropism and phototropism are really difficult […] More