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  • Leaves in dappled light

    Photosynthesis: a fast-changing process in an even faster world

    Photosynthesis is the process that fuels a plant. It sets the energy budget for the organism. It’s no surprise it’s a well-studied process, tet the most commonly measured photosynthesis parameters are made at ‘steady state’ meaning that new photosynthetic traits could remain undiscovered. The ‘dynamic’ changes in photosynthesis (i.e. the kinetics of the various reactions […] More

  • Root phenotyping pipeline for the Forno × Oberkulmer mapping population grown in a growth chamber during 2014

    Seedling root architectural traits associated with yield in wheat

    Roots, the ‘hidden half’ of plants, are notoriously difficult to phenotype. Xie et al. utilise a ‘pouch and wick’ high-throughput phenotyping pipeline to quantify the variation in seedling root system architecture of bread wheat (Triticum aestivum) × spelt (Triticum spelta) recombinant inbred line population. Seminal root number and total root length are both positively associated […] More

  • Selling corn on the cob in a street market

    Plant Records: An ever increasing pot of gold

    Name: Maize or Corn Scientific name: Zea mays Known for: Food of the Gods (or Blasphemy against them when in Corn Dogs) Record broken: Yields I expect most of you have limited direct experience with many of our other plant record winners this week. But you almost certainly have personal experience with my choice already […] More