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Tuesday, March 31, 2020
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Twitter for Science Networking

Suddenly can't network at conferences? How could you network on Twitter?

Go Fungal!

It's a belated present, the PDF of the handout we've been using on stands for Botany One.

Why are/aren’t we following you on Twitter?

Who do we follow on Twitter? Here's why we follow people and why we don't.

Should You Tweet Posters from a Conference?

Pat raised an interesting point while he was at the International Botanical Congress in Shenzhen. Should you tweet whole posters from a conference? I...

Shenzhen – City of 7000 Botanists #IBC2017

The conference is in full swing Jeff Ollerton's latest post makes clear that this is a massive event, with almost 7000 Botanists in attendance,...

How notifications on Twitter and Facebook can help you to keep up to date with plant science news

We asked our social media-savvy work experience student Alexandra Boliver-Brown to put together a guide for our readers on how to stay up to...

“Hi, I’m an #ActualLivingScientist”

A survey that said most Americans couldn't name a living scientist. People on Twitter took this as inspiration for a positive response.

What are the ethics of live-streaming at conferences?

If you've only recently come to terms with people tweeting at conferences, there's another shock coming soon.

Keeping links flowing, @PlantCentral gets updated

You can get tweets highlighting new blog posts from PlantCentral account on Twitter, and now it has added links to new journal articles too.

New plant journal

It just had to happen, but we didn’t know it would take nearly 150 years to come to fruition. And fruition is an apt...

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Complex interplay of responses when plants experience canopy shading

Plants react to both decreased red:far red ratio and decreased photosynthetically active radiation, and in different ways.

Simulated Herbivory Leads Grasses to Pass Fungal Symbionts to Their Offspring

Many grasses host symbiotic fungi, Epichloë spp. These fungi can help grasses tolerate herbivory, or help repel herbivores. But how do these...

The Garden Jungle by Dave Goulson

(or Gardening to Save the Planet) On my every growing to-do list is create...

X-ray dose limits for microscopy lower than we thought

Subtle damage to hydrated tissue occurs at a far lower dosage than previously thought, and may be difficult to recognize.