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  • Trithuria bibracteata

    Deep sequencing coming for three taxa at key phylogenetic nodes

    Following his recent visit to Cambridge, Josh Mylne (UWA) will be collaborating with Jill Harrison (Cambridge) and Kingsley Dixon (Perth Botanic Garden) to sequence the transcriptomes of three rare taxa at key phylogenetic nodes. Kingsley collected the lycophytes Phylloglossum drummondii and Isoetes drummondii and the basal angiosperm representative Trithuria bibracteata from Alison Baird Reserve, Kenwick […] More

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    Free paper — Dividing without centrioles

    Innovative MTOCs organize mitotic spindles in bryophytes, the earliest extant lineages of land. Triple staining of γ-tubulin, microtubules, and nuclei here reveal that three types of MTOCs initiate spindles in bryophytes. Polar organizers in liverworts and plastid MTOCs in hornworts are unique and nuclear envelope MTOCs in mosses appear like those in seed plants. Roy C. […] More