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  • Asclepias solanoana

    Communities on infertile soils are less sensitive to climate change

    Much evidence suggests that plant communities on infertile soils are relatively insensitive to increased water deficit caused by increasing temperature and/or decreasing precipitation. Harrison et al. undertake a re-analysis of a large, multi-decade study that examined forest understories on infertile serpentine and fertile soils in an aridifying climate in southern Oregon from 1949–51 to 2007–08. […] More

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    Drought-induced trans-generational tradeoff between stress tolerance and defense: consequences for range limits?

    In the study of geographic range boundary development, the focus has been on leading rather than on trailing edge dynamics.  This is an important caveat as trailing edge dynamics will be critical for understanding population level persistence.  A study in AoB PLANTS by Alsdurf et al. begins to fill this knowledge gap and extends the […] More