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  • Trees and Roots
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    The roots of hydrotropism

    Most plants are essentially rooted to a spot and immobile. While the factors they need for growth – e.g. sunlight, minerals, and water – are often present in the environment, they aren’t always close enough to the plant to be used fully. Nature has overcome this problem by giving plants the remarkably ability for some […] More

  • Selling corn on the cob in a street market

    Plant Records: An ever increasing pot of gold

    Name: Maize or Corn Scientific name: Zea mays Known for: Food of the Gods (or Blasphemy against them when in Corn Dogs) Record broken: Yields I expect most of you have limited direct experience with many of our other plant record winners this week. But you almost certainly have personal experience with my choice already […] More

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    Transparent soil. Cool.

    I tend to discourage students from using the term “cool” if formal scientific writing, but if I had to sum this paper up in one word, it would be …. cool.   Transparent Soil for Imaging the Rhizosphere. (2012) PLoS ONE 7(9): e44276. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0044276 Understanding of soil processes is essential for addressing the global issues […] More

  • Geographical ecology of the palms (Review)

    Geographical ecology of the palms (Review)

    Palms (Arecaceae) are an important element of tropical vegetation across the world and serve as a model system in geographical ecology.Eiserhardt et al. review how the abiotic environment, biotic interactions and dispersal influence palm distribution and diversity patterns across spatial scales, and discuss contemporary vs. historical impacts of these factors and the scale at which they […] More