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Tag: sex allocation

Sympatric Bt Brassica napus alters the reproductive strategy of wild relative B. juncea

The sympatric presence of transgenic crops with their wild relatives is an ecological concern. Liu et al. conducted a field experiment using insect enclosures...

The enigma of sex allocation in Selaginella

The enigmatic variation in sex allocation within and among Selaginella species, and differences from the angiosperms, are interesting aspects of land plant biology in their own right, but will also provide useful empirical models for probing the theory of sex allocation.

Temporal variation in gender in an annual plant

The widespread tendency towards declining fruit set from first to last flowers on plants may contribute to temporal variation in allocation optima.

Gender segregation and sex allocation in pine

Many sex-ratio-related studies have focused on dioecious or monoecious herbaceous plants, but relatively few have looked at trees. Ne'eman et al. examine changes in...

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How do you get more DNA down a pollen tube?

A common event for flowering plants is whole genome duplication (WGD), where a plant gets extra chromosomes. It’s often studied in mature...

Simulating the effects of local adaptation and life history on the ability of plants to track climate shifts

Local adaptation is common but not universal in plants and results from the interplay of gene flow with natural selection. Gene flow...

What creates Gentiana diversity in mountains?

The Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau (QTP) is extremely rich in species, but why? One recent explanation is the mountain‐geobiodiversity hypothesis (MGH) by Mosbrugger et...

Modelling Three-Dimensional Leaf Shape Variation

L-Cucumber’s leaf prototype mimics leaf shape of stressed plants.