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  • Abies alba
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    Within-species populations exhibit similar physiology under current climate but may diverge under warmer and drier conditions

    Recent repeated episodes of drought and high temperatures have resulted in substantial dieback of silver fir in the Spanish Pyrenees. However, mortality has been much greater in populations from the westernmost Pyrenees than in eastern populations. It is hypothesized that drought-resistant eastern populations are less vulnerable to climate change-related stress than western populations. Given that […] More

  • Slash and Burn in Brazil

    Does rain forest grow back? Archaeology might have the answer

    Most international archaeological work in South America has concentrated on the Andes for various reasons. It’s more accessible, the ruins are more visible, there’s a better ethnohistorical record from the conquistadors, there’s variety over short distances because change in height makes vertical economies possible where different foods grow at different heights and they’re just the […] More