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  • Kiwi fruit

    Sodium nitroprusside and ozone in kiwifruit ripening

    Despite their importance in many aspects of plant physiology, information about the function of oxidative and, particularly, of nitrosative signalling in fruit biology is limited. Tanou et al. study the ripening of kiwifruit (Actinidia deliciosa) and find that ozone treatment markedly delays fruit softening and depresses the ethylene biosynthetic mechanism. Pretreatment with sodium nitroprusside (SNP) […] More

  • Effect of exogenous NO gas on the ripening of pepper fruits. NO (5 p.p.m.) was either applied or not applied to fruits at an early breaking point stage for 1 h. Then, peppers were incubated at room temperature for 3 d.

    Ripening of pepper fruit and reactive nitrogen species

    Pepper (Capsicum annuum, Solanaceae) fruits are consumed worldwide and are of great economic importance. In most species ripening is characterized by important visual and metabolic changes, the latter including emission of volatile organic compounds associated with respiration, destruction of chlorophylls, synthesis of new pigments (red/yellow carotenoids plus xanthophylls and anthocyanins), formation of pectins and protein […] More

  • Model of reactive oxygen species (ROS) metabolism in peroxisomes from pepper fruit.

    Antioxidant metabolism in pepper fruit (Research in Context)

    Pepper (Capsicum annuum) contains high levels of antioxidants, such as vitamins A and C and flavonoids. However, information on the role of these beneficial compounds in the physiology of pepper fruit remains scarce. Recent studies have shown that antioxidants in ripe pepper fruit play a key role in responses to temperature changes, and the redox […] More

  • Phenotypic plasticity in Suaeda maritima

    Phenotypic plasticity in Suaeda maritima

    Suaeda maritima shows morphologically different forms on high and low areas of the same salt marsh. Wetson et al. demonstrate that roots of this halophyte have a constitutively very high activity of lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) regardless of whether they are growing in aerated or severely hypoxic conditions, and not the inducible increase in activity that has […] More