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  • Amaranthus palmerii,

    Plant Records: More Weed Than You Ever Need

    Name: Palmer amaranth Scientific name: Amaranthus palmeri Known for: Destroyer of crop yields Record broken: Weed of the Year two years running (2014-2015) Palmer amaranth, also known as Palmer’s pigweed, is a fast growing and competitive plant quickly becoming a serious problem for crop farmers across North America. It is edible, and was initially grown […] More

  • in

    Plant Records: When Land Doesn’t Mean Land

    Name: Common eelgrass Scientific name: Zostera marina * Known for: Stabilizing the seabed, providing food and habitat for other marine organisms, maintaining water quality, supporting local economies… Record broken: occupant of the most extreme habitat for a land plant Contenders for this record include plants in California’s Death Valley – which is extremely arid and […] More

  • Selling corn on the cob in a street market

    Plant Records: An ever increasing pot of gold

    Name: Maize or Corn Scientific name: Zea mays Known for: Food of the Gods (or Blasphemy against them when in Corn Dogs) Record broken: Yields I expect most of you have limited direct experience with many of our other plant record winners this week. But you almost certainly have personal experience with my choice already […] More

  • Ryegrass

    Plant Records: Don’t judge ryegrass by its looks

    Name: Perennial ryegrass Scientific name: Lolium perenne L. Known for: Being a super yummy forage grass for grazing ruminants and liked as turf for sports people in temperate climates of the world Record broken: Two genomes in parallel! Ryegrass does not look spectacular at first sight. If you live in a temperate climate, you have […] More

  • Google Trends graph showing peaks in interest for 'plant' in summer months

    Plant Records: The Plant that Fooled Millions

    Name: Baniwi (Banana Kiwi) plant Scientific name: N/A Known for: Fooling millions and millions of people Record broken: Going viral on the internet At AoBBlog, we like graphs and data. Therefore, I decided to approach our ‘Record-Breaking Plants’ week slightly different, by trying to find out which plant generated the highest interest online this year. Google […] More

  • The height, girth, and locations of some of the world’s tallest tree species by Hemp et al.

    Plant Records: The (Almost) Invisible Giant

    Name: Tiama African Mahogany Scientific name: Entandrophragma excelsum Known for: Being freakishly good at hiding despite its size Record broken: Height There was a surprising article in Biodiversity and Conservation earlier this year, Africa’s highest mountain harbours Africa’s tallest trees by Hemp et al. What caught my eye isn’t that Entandrophragma excelsum a little taller […] More