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Plant Records: The plant that coordinates its colours for the occasion

It's thought that flowers have colours to attract visitors, but it seems that's not always the case.

Plant records: Most overdue library book?

Name: the 'En Tibi' herbariumScientific name: 'En tibi perpetuis ridentem floribus hortum' Known for: not being of known originRecord broken: Most overdue library book?

“Plant” Records: The Planet’s Biggest Pollinator

Once again, people underestimate the effect this mammal can have on wildlife.

Plant Records: The world’s most common group of plants is…

...is 'rare' plants. A recent article in Science Advances labelled over a third of species as 'exceedingly rare'.

Plant Records: The ever thirsty sugarcane

You might like a drink at Christmas, but Jenna Loiseau finds that sugarcane is REALLY thirsty.

Plant Records: Pink Pineapple

Today we look at the most panther-like of the fruits, the pink pineapple.

Plant Records: More Weed Than You Ever Need

Name: Palmer amaranth Scientific name: Amaranthus palmeri Known for: Destroyer of crop yields Record broken: Weed of the Year two years running (2014-2015) Palmer amaranth, also known as...

Plant Records: When Land Doesn’t Mean Land…

Name: Common eelgrass Scientific name: Zostera marina * Known for: Stabilizing the seabed, providing food and habitat for other marine organisms, maintaining water quality, supporting local...

Plant Records: An ever increasing pot of gold

Name: Maize or Corn Scientific name: Zea mays Known for: Food of the Gods (or Blasphemy against them when in Corn Dogs) Record broken: Yields I expect most...

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What creates Gentiana diversity in mountains?

The Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau (QTP) is extremely rich in species, but why? One recent explanation is the mountain‐geobiodiversity hypothesis (MGH) by Mosbrugger et...

Modelling Three-Dimensional Leaf Shape Variation

L-Cucumber’s leaf prototype mimics leaf shape of stressed plants.

How does variation in traits of Tunisian oak seeds affect survival?

Oaks are the dominant species of tree in many Mediterranean forests. However, the climate of the Mediterranean basin is predicted to change...

How Important Is Leaf Realism in Functional-Structural Plant Modelling?

Making a realistic plant in a computer model is possible, but is it necessary. All the computations generating the plant slow down...