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  • 大車前草 Plantago asiatica

    Competition effects on plastic and genotypic responses to [CO2]

    Plant–plant interactions could mediate vegetation responses to rising atmospheric CO2 concentration ([CO2]), because some plants benefit more from [CO2] elevation than others. Van Loon et al. investigated how changes in performance due to elevated [CO2] are modified by aboveground plant–plant interactions. They grew Plantago asiatica seeds originating from natural [CO2] springs and from ambient [CO2] […] More

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    Trade-off between competition and facilitation defines gap colonisation in mountains

    Environmental conditions within a disturbance event are often regarded as uniform. There is however large variation in conditions for plant colonisers within one disturbance event, drastically affecting coloniser survival on a scale of centimetres. In a new study published in AoB PLANTS, Lembrechts et al. provide a model that combines the effect of the surrounding […] More

  • Light and competition fail to explain seedling coexistence

    Light and competition fail to explain seedling coexistence

    The coexistence of forest tree species has often been linked to differences in their response to light availability during the regeneration stage. Van Couwenberghe et al. study natural regenerated shade-tolerant Fagus sylvatica and shade-intermediate Quercus petraea seedlings and find that no rank reversal occurs between the two species along a light gradient, or along density, […] More