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  • Anatomy of the Eye.

    Visionary plants

    A recent spate of books – e.g. Daniel Chamovitz’s “What a plant knows”, Richard Karban’s “Plant Sensing & Communication”, and “Brilliant Green” by Stefano Mancuso and Alessandra Viola – have opened up our imaginations to the sensory capabilities of plants. In identifying plant equivalents of the five traditionally recognised human senses – touch, taste, hearing, […] More

  • Monks collecting alms

    Altruistic plants?

    There’s been a thoughtfulness* of books recently that reflect on aspects of plant intelligence – e.g. Daniel Chamovitz’s What a Plant Knows, Anthony Trewavas’ Plant Behaviour & Intelligence, Richard Karban’s Plant Sensing and Communication , and Stefano Mancuso and Alessandra Viola’s Brilliant Green. Whilst the concept or meaning of plant intelligence is debated, let’s muddy […] More

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    Plants are !ӣ$%%!^$ӣ [fill in the missing word]*

    Plant Behaviour & Intelligence. Anthony Trewavas. Oxford University Press, 2014   Man is arguably happiest when the ‘natural’ order of all things is maintained and where his own dominion over the natural world – which is religiously endorsed in the Christian tradition in the Holy Bible (although apparently only over animals…) – is unchallenged. And […] More