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Thursday, April 9, 2020
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What real people think about plants

Vickery’s Folk Flora: An A-Z of the Folklore and Uses of British and Irish Plants by Roy Vickery, 2019. Weidenfeld & Nicolson.

Plant blindness in smartphone identification applications – are we passing on our biases to our helpful apps?

It is well-known that people are better at identifying animals than plants and this relative inability of people to identify plants is...

Tackling plant blindness: Botany by stealth…

School lessons devoted to plants may be off-putting to those students who are already plant-averse. So, why not smuggle bits of plant information into lessons on topics as diverse as Geography, History, Art & Design, and Computing to show how relevant plants are?

The Big Botany Challenge – promoting passion for plants in our schools!

Jonathan Mitchley on a symposium coming to Reading University in November to help fight plant blindness.

Check beneath your boots…

When people mention plant blindness* they tend to focus on the ‘lack of appreciation of the role of plants in the world’ notion. That...

Raising awareness of plant blindness

Readers of this column will know that there is a problem with the inability – or unwillingness – of people generally to appreciate plants....

Discovering Discoveries in the Garden

Discoveries in the garden by James Nardi, 2018. University of Chicago Press. I must have reached some level of fame because a few weeks...

iNaturalist: An App to Ease Plant Blindness

Ian Street finds your phone is getting ever more powerful, with a species recognition app.

Tree rings stop cell division in plants

This week Nigel Chaffey finds he has a vision problem that needs more than a trip to the optician.

Promoting the planet’s plants-and-people future [Or, Probably the best jobs in British Botany…]

We’re not in the habit of posting job advertisements in this column – especially when the application deadlines will have long passed when this...

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Botanists Pull Apart the Genes of Bananas to See How They Came Together

Banana genes reveal how they may have passed through other hybrid stages.

Sympatric moss populations can form true hybrid zones

Hybridization between species has not been considered an important factor in the evolution of mosses. The moss life cycle has led many...

A key protein may help trigger germination in Arabidopsis seeds

Seed germination is a critical step in the life cycle of flowering plants. Since seeds contain limited reserves, seed germination has to...

Daffodils and Snowdrops react differently to warming seasons

Daffodils and Snowdrops need the right temperatures in a few seasons to germinate. Will a changing climate cause problems?