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    Pea seed testa and its role during the establishment of physical dormancy

    A water-impermeable testa may act as a barrier to seed imbibition, imposing dormancy. Janská et al. test six pea accessions of contrasting dormancy type for their ability to imbibe. The strophiole is identified as the major site for the water entry into non-dormant seed, while in dormant seeds water uptake is distributed, rather than localized. […] More

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    Sand temperature and moisture break seed physical dormancy

    Seasonal periodicity of seed germination and its relationship to seasonal changes in temperature and soil moisture have been well studied in seeds of species with physiological dormancy. However, relatively little information is available on the role of these environmental factors in controlling the germination of seeds with physical dormancy. In a new study published in […] More

  • Physical dormancy and the water gap in Geranium

    Physical dormancy and the water gap in Geranium

    Physical dormancy and the water gap in <i>Geranium</i> A water gap is a small opening that forms on breaking of dormancy in physically dormant seeds or fruits. Gama-Arachchige et al. examine the development of the micropylar region of seeds of Geranium carolinianum and report on the ontogeny of the micropyle–water gap complex. Post-pollination development of […] More