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    Free—open access paper: Salinity tolerance ecophysiology of Equisetum giganteum in South America

    In river valleys of the world’s driest desert (The Atacama of South America) large stands of giant horsetail ( Equisetum giganteum) are found to tolerate soil water salinity up to at least half that of seawater.  This Free—open access paper reports how roots selectively exclude Na and take-up K in response to salinity while stomatal conductances […] More

  • Nepenthes talangensis - Pitcher plant

    Carnivorous plants prefer to kill in broad daylight

    I owe thanks to Dr Andrej Pavlovič for being a patient guinea pig with my first press-release (you can find it on Science Daily) and to Lizzie Shannon-Little at OUP for helping put it out. It’s good timing because another paper by Pavlovič on carnivorous plants and photosynthesis is now a year old – which […] More