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  • Seeds and seedlings of A. aculeata, indicating (on the left) the development phases of the saxophone stem

    Saxophone stem ontogenesis and functions in Acrocomia aculeata

    The underground system known as the saxophone stem produced by seedlings of certain palm species exhibits unique growth patterns and distinctive morphologies. Nascimento e Souza et al. performed morpho-anatomical evaluations of seedlings during the development of the saxophone stem in Acrocomia aculeata, a neotropical oleaginous palm. They found the development of the saxophone stem is […] More

  • Straightening out the Palmaceae

    Straightening out the Palmaceae

    As one of the most obvious indications of growth, you might have thought that there was little new to discover about increase in length of plant stems. Wrong! Studying growth in Iriartea deltoidea (Arecaceae), Heidi Rinninger and Nathan Phillips have uncovered an ‘efficient and novel method for height growth’. Typically, one is taught that increase […] More

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    Palm Harvest Impacts in tropical Forests

    Palms may be the most useful group of plants in tropical American forests and in this project we study the effect of extraction and trade of palms on forests in the western Amazon, Andes, and Pacific lowlands of South America. In 2008 the European Community’s 7th Framework programme signed a contract with six European and […] More

  • Single-copy nuclear genes for palm phylogenetics

    Single-copy nuclear genes for palm phylogenetics

    Molecular phylogenetic studies of palms (Arecaceae) have not yet provided a fully resolved phylogeny of the family. Ludeña et al. test the value of AGAMOUS 1 and PHYTOCHROME B genes as new nuclear markers to improve phylogenetic resolution in the family, using the subtribe Bactridinae as a case study. The results provide new insights into the […] More

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    Date sex – XY marks the spot

    Dates, the sticky, sweet fruits of the date palm (Phoenix dactylifera), are the product of sexual reproduction in that plant and borne on the female plants of this dioecious species. Globally, about 15 million metric tonnes of dates are produced annually from 100 million date palm trees and represent a staple food in many Middle […] More