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    Diving into the neglected world of seaweeds

    Seaweeds of Britain and Ireland, 2nd edition by Francis StP. D. Bunker, Juliet A. Brodie, Christine A. Maggs and Anne R. Bunker, 2017. Wild Nature Press. The second edition of Seaweeds of Britain and Ireland by Francis Bunker et al. [hereafter referred to as Seaweeds 2] is an important addition to the recorded natural history […] More

  • Whole-plant reconstruction of Sengelia radicans.

    Whole-plant reconstruction of an early Devonian lycophyte

    Plants of the Early Devonian epoch (419-323 million years ago) are crucial to reconstructing the initial radiation of tracheophytes, yet few are understood as whole organisms. Unearthing the habits of Sengelia radicans, Matsunaga and Tomescu integrate morphometric data from hundreds of fossil specimens from the Beartooth Butte Formation (Wyoming, USA) with taphonomic and sedimentological observations […] More

  • The growth and decline of herbaria

    Natural History for the Future of Ecology

    Biosciences has a couple of free access papers out on Natural History. Natural History’s Place in Science and Society is a 17 author call for action by Tewksbury et al calling on some biologists to identify as Natural Historians. The concept puzzled me slightly. I come from a History of Science background and I’m used […] More