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  • Camellia sinensis

    The interconnectedness of plant studies

    Have you ever wondered how the monthly Plant Cuttings’ collection comes to be? Do you think Mr P Cuttings knows in advance what he’s going to write about each month? He has a notional idea of the items he wants to cover, but he usually has no idea where a news item will actually go […] More

  • The Coffee Bearer

    Grounds for climate change optimism?

    When global warming and greenhouse gases are mentioned (and they are, seemingly endlessly, but does anybody listen? Does anybody do anything about it..?) [Ed. – Steady on, Mr C, the good people in Paris for COP 21 * have done their best!], the focus is usually upon carbon dioxide (CO2) . However, an even more […] More

  • Image: Priester et al. 2012, PNAS.

    Nanoparticles may compromise crops

    Advances (ever an optimistic notion!) in technology take many forms and may have unanticipated consequences. Take, for example, the emerging discipline of nanotechnology, which works with structures that are intermediate between isolated atoms and bulk materials – in the range of 1–100 nm, and which often display physical attributes substantially different from those displayed by either […] More

  • Alchemilla leaf with water droplets

    Plant names, alchemy and Alchemilla

    Plant names often have an interesting history behind them: I came across Alchemilla while looking up a plant I photographed at the weekend. Thinking about the names often helps with remembering them, and also gives insight into the history of the species. Earlier in the year, we discussed the naming of a species after Professor […] More