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  • Lamium amplexicaule

    Plastic adaptive cleistogamy in Lamium amplexicaule

    Cleistogamous plants have the ability to produce closed obligately selfing flowers, and open potentially outcrossed flowers. Flower proportion is known to vary in response to reliable cues, which suggests that outcrossing rate can adapt to environmental variation. Using a common garden experimental design for the annual cleistogamous species Lamium amplexicaule, Stojanova et al. show that […] More

  • Incarvillea sinensis

    Seasonal variation in selfing rate

    Flowering plants display considerable variation in mating system, particularly the relative frequency of cross- and self-fertilization. The majority of estimates of outcrossing rate do not account for temporal variation, particularly during the flowering season. Yin et al. investigate seasonal variation in mating using genetic markers in Incarvillea sinensis (Bignoniaceae), a desert annual with showy, insect-pollinated […] More