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  • Scenedesmus obliquus

    Phytohormone profiles and metabolism in cyanobacteria and algae

    The majority of available data on phytohormone profiles and metabolism concerns vascular plants. Žižková et al. monitor the mechanisms by which two main groups of phytohormones, cytokinins and auxins, control homeostasis in cyanobacteria and algae, aquatic communities which exhibit a different metabolic modus operandi to vascular plants. An analysis of cytokinin oxidase/dehydrogenase activity, tRNA-bound cytokinins, […] More

  • Pink Perfection Camellia

    AmJBot explains Auxin to the perplexed

    I’m delighted that there’s a review of Auxin in this month’s American Journal of Botany, Auxin activity: Past, present, and future by Enders and Strader. This might surprise a few of my friends as I’m not a fan of Auxin, Auxin is a difficult topic, and that’s why this review is so welcome. Auxins are […] More