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Tag: macronutrients

Maize is better when it’s hairy

Root hairs help maize take up phosphorus from the soil.

The parasitic plant Cuscuta sets up barriers to some minerals when infecting a host

If the parasitic plant dodder taps its host with a straw, then it's a specialised straw than can filter out some nutrients that the plant isn't using.

Carnivory, more than meets the eye…

No morsel of the victim is wasted when a plant traps its prey.

Spotlight on macronutrients: Touchy-feely calcium…

Calcium (Ca) acts – amongst other things! – as a so-called ‘second messenger’, and participates in many processes of plant growth and development.

Spotlight on macronutrients : Carbon (mainly)

Whilst members of the Plant Kingdom might dominate terrestrial biomes, non-Plant Kingdom members are the major photosynthetic organisms in aquatic habitats

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