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  • Diagram illustrating details of the leaf anatomical traits measured.

    Leaf density contributes the major variation of leaf mass per area in rice

    Understanding the variation of leaf anatomy and its influence on photosynthesis is very important for yield improvement. Xiong et al. found that leaf mass per area (LMA) varies greatly among rice genotypes, and the variation is mainly determined by leaf density rather than leaf thickness. Moreover, the responses of LMA and photosynthesis to nitrogen supplement […] More

  • Leaf traits and diease tolerance in Dutch elm hybrids

    Leaf traits and disease tolerance in Dutch elm hybrids

    Ophiostoma novo-ulmi, the causative agent of Dutch elm disease (DED), is able to colonize remote areas in infected plants of Ulmus such as the leaf midrib and secondary veins. Ďurkovič et al. compare leaf growth traits, primary xylem density components, gas exchange variables and chlorophyll a fluorescence yields between two Dutch elm hybrids that possess a contrasting […] More

  • Photosynthetic thermotolerance and leaf traits

    Photosynthetic thermotolerance and leaf traits

    Little is known about photosynthetic thermotolerance (PT) of tropical and sub-tropical wild plants and its association with leaf phenology and persistence. Zhang et al. use the temperature-dependent increase in minimum fluorescence to assess PT for a total of 24 woody species differing in leaf flushing time in a valley-type savanna in south-west China. They find that […] More