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  • Iris lutescens

    Spatial distribution of genetic variation in the flower colour polymorphic Iris lutescens

    Flower colour polymorphism in plants had been used as a classic model for understanding the importance of neutral processes versus natural selection in population differentiation. Iris lutescens (Iridaceae) is a widespread species in the northern Mediterranean basin, which shows a stable and striking purple–yellow flower colour polymorphism. Using an extensive sampling over the distribution range […] More

  • Lythrum salicaria

    Style morph frequencies in tristylous Lythrum

    A balance between stochastic processes and negative frequency-dependent selection largely determines style morph frequencies in heterostylous populations. Costa et al. investigate variation in morph frequencies at the southern European range limit of the tristylous, wetland species Lythrum salicaria. They find populations are predominantly trimorphic, but progressively smaller in size and with larger deviations from the […] More

  • Gene flow, drift and populations of Sardinian Aquilegia

    Gene flow, drift and populations of Sardinian Aquilegia

    The Mediterranean Basin is an important region for plant biodiversity, but there are relatively few studies of fine-scale genetic variation. Garrido et al. assess the spatial genetic structure of all known locations of the three Sardinian endemic species of Aquilegia (Ranunculaceae) and determine that genetic drift has been historically more influential than gene flow on population […] More

  • Genetic connectivity and evolution in Crepis

    Genetic connectivity and evolution in Crepis

    Islands play a central role in the study of plant evolution in the Mediterranean. Mayol et al. analyse the impact of varying patterns of habitat occupancy on genetic diversity and structure in Crepis triasii, an endemic plant from the eastern Balearic Islands, and find that genetic diversity is highly structured and positively correlated with population connectivity […] More