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  • Caxiuanã National Forest Reserve in the lowland Amazon Rainforest.

    To cope, or not to cope: tropical rainforest tree leaves show little response to drought

    Drought will become more severe in tropical rainforests as climate change continues. This could cause widespread tree mortality in these forests, unless the trees are able to acclimate and produce leaves that can tolerate dry conditions (structures known as xeromorphic leaves). However, there are very few studies of tropical tree responses to drought due to […] More

  • Visualization of H2O2 by DAB staining in detached leaves of C3 (A) and CAM (B) plants, and APX (C) and CAT (D) activities in leaf laminae and midribs.

    Photosynthesis in midrib and interveinal lamina

    Except in C4 plants, photosynthetic activity is attributed mainly to leaf mesophyll cells, and photosynthesis in veins of C3 and CAM (Crassulacean acid metabolism) plants is usually neglected. Kuźniak et al. studied the photosynthesis-related properties of the midrib and the interveinal lamina cells in leaves of Mesembryanthemum crystallinum, a C3-CAM intermediate plant. The vascular system […] More

  • Cassytha pubescens R.Br., parasitising Brachyloma daphnoides (Sm.) Benth., Black Mountain, Canberra, ACT,

    Light on hemiparasitic plants impacts on their hosts

    Although parasitic plant–host associations occur in an ever-changing light environment, there is a poor understanding of how light influences the impact of the parasite on the host plant. Cirocco et al. hypothesize that in low versus high light, as photosynthesis of the hemiparasite declines its dependency on host carbon increases so host growth is more […] More

  • Leaf traits and diease tolerance in Dutch elm hybrids

    Leaf traits and disease tolerance in Dutch elm hybrids

    Ophiostoma novo-ulmi, the causative agent of Dutch elm disease (DED), is able to colonize remote areas in infected plants of Ulmus such as the leaf midrib and secondary veins. Ďurkovič et al. compare leaf growth traits, primary xylem density components, gas exchange variables and chlorophyll a fluorescence yields between two Dutch elm hybrids that possess a contrasting […] More