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  • Ranunculus japonicus

    Robustness of floral organ numbers

    Despite the contribution of phenotypic variation in floral morphologies to speciation, species diversity has been recognized by modal morphologies where variation is averaged out. Here Kitazawa and Fujimoto show a relationship between the species-representative phenotype and phenotypic variation, by analysing quantitatively intraspecific variation of the organ numbers within flowers of Ranunculaceae and the numbers of […] More

  • Flower development in Balsaminaceae

    Flower development in Balsaminaceae

    Balsaminaceae consist of two genera, the monospecific Hydrocera and its species-rich sister Impatiens; however, morphological support for the current molecular phylogeny of Balsaminaceae is low. Janssens et al. investigate the floral development of H. triflora and I. omeiana, two early-diverged lineages in the family, and find that in Hydrocera the perianth develops into a less-zygomorphic perianth […] More