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  • Illustrations of the cosexual artificial flowers used in the experiments.
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    Pollination quantity and purity

    If you share a pollinator with another plant species in your location, is it a good idea to flower at the same time? You can only use pollen from another plant in the same species. If a bee arrives loaded with another species’s pollen, then what you get is junk. Similarly, if you load a […] More

  • Shrubs
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    Positive and negative interactions on a dioecious grass species performance

    Dioecious plants are of particular concern in view of global environmental changes because reproductive females are more sensitive to abiotic stresses, thus compromising population viability. Positive interactions with other plants may counteract the direct effects of any abiotic environmental stress, allowing them to thrive and maintain a viable population in suboptimal habitats, although this process […] More

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    The benefits of sleeping in

    The early bird catches the worm, but does the frost catch the early plant? A new article in AmJBot says there are advantages for a plant to germinate late. More

  • Caragana versicolor

    Stress or Strain Gradient Hypothesis?

    The Stress Gradient Hypothesis (SGH) proposes that competition prevails in undisturbed and productive environments, and shifts to facilitation in disturbed or stressful environments. Yet the environmental condition where facilitation or competition prevails is highly debated. Liancourt et al. investigate variation in plant interactions, by analysing how Caragana versicolor species and associated community perceive and respond […] More

  • Sun/shade conditions and seedling recruitment in a cactus

    Sun/shade conditions and seedling recruitment in a cactus

    Early life-history stages of cacti can benefit from the facilitative effects of nurse plants that reduce solar radiation and water stress. Miranda-Jácome et al. conduct a reciprocal transplant experiment, coupled with the artificial manipulation of sun/shade conditions, to test for the effects of local adaptation on germination, seedling survival and growth of the columnar cactus Pilosocereus […] More