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  • Lionfish

    Invasive aliens, not always doom-and-gloom?

    Another kind of experiment that takes place out in the real world is when non-native species are introduced into new areas. Usually, and understandably, this causes a knee-jerk response that assumes this must be a bad thing and the invaders must be removed at all costs. However, is such an ‘invasion’ always bad? Might there […] More

  • ‘Mobile’ green façade system used to alter temperature on the southern wall (northern hemisphere) of a single-storey building (diagram shows wall and façade from above).

    Green infrastructure and ecosystem services – is the devil in the detail? (Viewpoint)

    Urban green infrastructure provides a range of ecosystem services to human society. But how much does plant choice matter in the delivery of these services? Paradoxically, much of the literature on green infrastructure rarely mentions the importance of plant selection in urban development planning schemes. Cameron and Blanusa discuss how selection according to plant genotypes […] More

  • Natural Capital Infographic

    What does a tree cost, and what is its value?

    “You know the cost of everything and the value of nothing,” was a common insult when I was a child. However, some environmentalists say that it’s a genuine problem. The World Forum on Natural Capital meeting today and tomorrow is going to attempt to change how we see the value of nature. They’ve put together […] More

  • Image: Oluf Olufsen Bagge, 1847, from Northern Antiquities, an English translation of the Prose Edda.

    I want to be… a tree!

    In trying to encourage my students to consider the structure–function issues in being a land plant, I often joke that all plants really want to be trees when they grow up, to command resources, shade-out competition, etc. And you can – almost – believe it is true; after all, ferns aspire to be trees, monocots […] More