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Botanists explore how mint makes a home for ants and mites

Domatia in a member of the mint family are caused by cell proliferation, not leaf rolling

Simulating ephemeral seagrass growth

Ephemeral seagrasses provide important marine habitats, but are under threat due to human activity. Whitehead et al. develop a new functional-structural environmentally dependant model,...

Plant anatomy goes back to its roots (stems, leaves…)

Does "Essentials of Developmental Plant Anatomy" cover the essentials of developmental plant anatomy? Nigel Chaffey looks over the introductory textbook.

Hierarchical modularity hypothesis for Equisetum reproductive morphology

Sporangiophore development and Equisetum strobilus: how fossils and reproductive morphologies illuminate horsetail origins and homology

Cherry fruit developmental analysis

Evaluating genetic and environmental effects upon sweet cherry cultivars differing in seasonal duration and fruit size, Gibeau et al. employ photographic measurements to apply...

The fundamental elements of plant construction *

The recent confirmation of the names of four new chemical elements is a tribute to the creative powers of humankind. It also shows how...

Pollination drop proteins and ovule transcripts of Cephalotaxus

Many gymnosperms produce an ovular secretion, the pollination drop, during reproduction. The drops serve as a landing site for pollen, but also contain a...

Vascular patterning of superoxide in bursting grapevine buds

Plants regulate cellular oxygen partial pressures (pO2), together with reduction/oxidation (redox) state in order to manage rapid developmental transitions such as bud burst after...

Regulation of ROS and RNS in pepper seedlings

The development of seedlings involves many morphological, physiological and biochemical processes, which are controlled by many factors. Some reactive oxygen and nitrogen species (ROS...

How the Earth Turned Green

How the Earth Turned Green: A brief 3.8-billion-year history of plants Joseph E Armstrong. The University of Chicago Press, 2014. Spoiler alert! This book could seriously...

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New grapevine model better predicts whole-canopy gas exchange

Models considering only the maximum photosynthetic capacity for all leaves over-estimated net carbon dioxide exchange by nearly a third.

Phylogeny, age and adaptive evolution of genus Allium

The genus Allium L., one of the largest monocotyledonous genera and one that includes many economically important crops with nutritional and medicinal...

Plants from different climates can react to drought in similar ways

How do plants react when circumstances change? One method can be to evolve a local adaptation. Another can be be phenotypic plasticity,...

Not All Pine Needles Are Identical: Lower Crown Loss in Pinus radiata

When fungal infection comes to Pinus radiata, it can run through the bottom of the crown of the tree, removing its leaves....