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  • Occidental history of Cucumber

    Occidental history of Cucumber

    The cucumber, Cucumis sativus, is native to the Indian subcontinent. No evidence has been found for its presence in Europe during Roman times but cucumber does appear in many late medieval images. Based mainly on 7th Century Byzantine Greek lexicographical evidence and a 10th Century Arabic description of cucumber in Andalusia, Paris et al. suggest […] More

  • Partitioning model for fruit growth in cucumber

    Partitioning model for fruit growth in cucumber

    In cucumber (Cucumis sativus), imbalances in growth between individual fruits can be related to the partitioning of assimilates. Using L-Studio software, Wiechers et al.  develop a model combining architectural development, photosynthetic biochemistry and assimilate partitioning, with the latter including fruit growth. They find that simple partitioning models fail to simulate individual fruit growth realistically, but the […] More

  • Modelling lengths of cucumber internodes

    Modelling lengths of cucumber internodes

    Light has tremendous effects on crop architecture and its quantity and quality affect internode lengths in cucumber (Cucumis sativus). Kahlen and Stützel make simplifications to a light quantity- and quality-sensitive model for predicting final internode length and show that for vertically trained cucumber plants, leaf area data can be substituted successfully for local light quality […] More