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Thursday, April 2, 2020
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Tag: Climate change

Migration of plant species will not compensate for losses in diversity in a warming world

Climate is likely to change faster than many plant populations can travel, reducing biodiversity in the future.

Thermal acclimation of plant respiration is tissue type specific

Carbon released from the land surface is one of the largest fluxes of carbon dioxide (CO2) between the atmosphere and the Earth’s...

Hybrids may succeed where invasive species fail as sea levels rise

Invasive species might suffer from a change in conditions in tidal areas, but their hybrid offspring may have genes to survive.

The future will be short

...as in not tall, rather than apocalyptic.

A warming Antarctic is changing how mosses have sex

Mosses are reacting to rising temperatures in the Antarctic in different ways. The tiny plants could cause big changes to the food web.

The contrasting effects of climate change-induced drought on three temperate tree species

Climate change-induced drought has already contributed to increased plant mortality around the globe, including in forest ecosystems. Drought events are projected to become even...

How fire may burn forests into scrubland

Forests that have coped with fires in the past may struggle to regenerate as climate change increases aridity in the Mediterranean Basin.

Phenotypic plasticity of stomatal and photosynthetic features of four Picea species in two contrasting common gardens

Global climate change is threatening natural ecosystems worldwide. Mountain ecosystems are particularly vulnerable because range expansion or shifts are often not a viable strategy...

Rapid changes in seed dispersal traits may modify plant responses to global change

When climatic or environmental conditions change, plant populations must either adapt to these new conditions, or track their niche via seed dispersal. Adaptation of...

Effects of increased precipitation on life history traits of the cold desert annual Erodium oxyrhynchum (Geraniaceae)

Due to climate warming, the global and regional water cycle is changing, and this will have a great impact on terrestrial ecosystems. Since plants...

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What creates Gentiana diversity in mountains?

The Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau (QTP) is extremely rich in species, but why? One recent explanation is the mountain‐geobiodiversity hypothesis (MGH) by Mosbrugger et...

Modelling Three-Dimensional Leaf Shape Variation

L-Cucumber’s leaf prototype mimics leaf shape of stressed plants.

How does variation in traits of Tunisian oak seeds affect survival?

Oaks are the dominant species of tree in many Mediterranean forests. However, the climate of the Mediterranean basin is predicted to change...

How Important Is Leaf Realism in Functional-Structural Plant Modelling?

Making a realistic plant in a computer model is possible, but is it necessary. All the computations generating the plant slow down...