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    Different types of rice tiller responses to nitrogen

    Tillering is an important agronomic trait for rice population quality and grain production. In a recent study published in AoB PLANTS, Wang et al. found that nitrogen fertilizer application increased the number of rice tillers, but not every tiller contributed equally to the overall yield. Heterogeneity in tiller yield of rice increased with increasing nitrogen […] More

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    Clonal integration facilitates the colonization of drought environments by plant invaders

    Identifying the mechanisms underlying the process of biological invasions is a crucial objective for ecological research. In a study published in AoB PLANTS, Lechuga-Lago et al. examined the role of clonal integration in the colonization of a water-stressed environment by an aggressive invader. Their results demonstrate that the effects of clonal integration confer a benefit […] More

  • Trifolium pratense

    Role of polyphenol oxidase in oxidative stress in leaves

    Polyphenol oxidases (PPOs) catalyse the oxidation of monophenols and/or o-diphenols to highly reactive o-quinones, which in turn interact with oxygen and proteins to form reactive oxygen species (ROS) and typical brown-pigmented complexes. Hence PPOs can affect local levels of oxygen and ROS. Although the currently known substrates are located in the vacuole, the enzyme is […] More

  • Photosynthetic thermotolerance and leaf traits

    Photosynthetic thermotolerance and leaf traits

    Little is known about photosynthetic thermotolerance (PT) of tropical and sub-tropical wild plants and its association with leaf phenology and persistence. Zhang et al. use the temperature-dependent increase in minimum fluorescence to assess PT for a total of 24 woody species differing in leaf flushing time in a valley-type savanna in south-west China. They find that […] More

  • Nepenthes talangensis - Pitcher plant

    Carnivorous plants prefer to kill in broad daylight

    I owe thanks to Dr Andrej Pavlovič for being a patient guinea pig with my first press-release (you can find it on Science Daily) and to Lizzie Shannon-Little at OUP for helping put it out. It’s good timing because another paper by Pavlovič on carnivorous plants and photosynthesis is now a year old – which […] More