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Tuesday, March 31, 2020
Tags Cadmium toxicity

Tag: cadmium toxicity

Aluminium-silicon interactions in higher plants: a brief personal history

How aluminium, silicon and two researchers are connected.

Influence of low calcium availability on cadmium uptake and translocation in a fast-growing shrub and a metal-accumulating herb

Calcium (Ca) and the toxic heavy metal cadmium (Cd) are antagonistic ions competing for uptake in plants when they co-occur in soil solutions, and...

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Complex interplay of responses when plants experience canopy shading

Plants react to both decreased red:far red ratio and decreased photosynthetically active radiation, and in different ways.

Simulated Herbivory Leads Grasses to Pass Fungal Symbionts to Their Offspring

Many grasses host symbiotic fungi, Epichloƫ spp. These fungi can help grasses tolerate herbivory, or help repel herbivores. But how do these...

The Garden Jungle by Dave Goulson

(or Gardening to Save the Planet) On my every growing to-do list is create...

X-ray dose limits for microscopy lower than we thought

Subtle damage to hydrated tissue occurs at a far lower dosage than previously thought, and may be difficult to recognize.