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Ethylene modulates root cortical senescence in barley

Root cortical senescence (RCS) is a poorly understood phenomenon with implications for adaptation to edaphic stress. Schneider et al. demonstrate that ethylene modulates RCS.

Suberised barriers support composite water and solute transport in barley roots

Roots possess complex anatomical structures characterised by suberised apoplastic barriers that are deposited in localised cell wall layers. Barley roots lack an exodermis, but...

Aquaporin function and exogenous application of abscisic acid (ABA) to barley roots

Using an immunochemical approach to reveal the link between changes in abscisic acid (ABA) levels, aquaporin function and changes in root cell hydraulic conductivity...

The interconnectedness of plant studies

Have you ever wondered how the monthly Plant Cuttings’ collection comes to be? Do you think Mr P Cuttings knows in advance what he’s...

Light quality, volatile emissions and plant–plant interactions

Mimicking the proximity of neighbouring plants using a supplemental far-red light treatment on plants.

Phenotype instability modification by auxin inhibitors and 2,4-D

Based on the phenotypic instability observed in Barley, definite trends in the development of ectopic flower structures can be outlined.

Developmental changes in root hydraulics (Research in Context)

A study of barley plants during the early stages of vegetative development (9–28 d old) to determine by what means root water uptake is increased.

AM fungi and P acquisition by hemiparasitic Pedicularis

A study of Pedicularis rex and P. tricolor finds that AM colonization is low, and less than 1 % of total plant P is taken up from the soil via the AM fungus.

HvAACT1 increases Al3+-tolerance in wheat and barley

Genetically modifying barley and wheat to express the barley gene HvAACT1 gene has potential to alleviate the effects of aluminium toxicity in acid soils.

Superhero Barley

The International Atomic Energy Authority have released some new videos to their YouTube channel that may interest botanists. The most relevant video is The...

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Plasticity to drought and ecotypic differentiation in populations of a crop wild relative

Plant functional traits often vary across space, particularly when species encounter contrasting environmental conditions throughout their range. Such phenotypic variation is determined...

Botanists Pull Apart the Genes of Bananas to See How They Came Together

Banana genes reveal how they may have passed through other hybrid stages.

Sympatric moss populations can form true hybrid zones

Hybridization between species has not been considered an important factor in the evolution of mosses. The moss life cycle has led many...

A key protein may help trigger germination in Arabidopsis seeds

Seed germination is a critical step in the life cycle of flowering plants. Since seeds contain limited reserves, seed germination has to...