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  • Micromorphology of a hand-pollinated flower of Epipogium aphyllum (SEM).

    Sexual and asexual reproduction in a mycoheterotrophic orchid

    Sexual reproduction is common within Orchidaceae, though apomixis does occur in some genera allowing them to produce seeds that are clones of the mother. The reproductive embryology of mycoheterotrophic plants remains under-studied. Krawczyk et al. provide evidence for the co-occurrence of sexual and apomictic reproduction in a population of mycoheterotrophic plants: Epipogium aphyllum. The authors […] More

  • Reproductive ecology in a basal angiosperm

    Reproductive ecology in a basal angiosperm

    Reproductive ecology in a basal angiosperm Trithuria, the sole genus in the family Hydatellaceae, is an important group for understanding early angiosperm evolution because of its sister relationship to the ancient lineage, Nymphaeales (water lilies). Studying the annual Trithuria submersa, Taylor et al. show that delayed autonomous self-pollination compensates for ineffective cross-pollination by wind, resulting […] More