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    High light aggravates functional limitations of photosynthesis

    Experimental results of salinity effects on cucumber (Cucumis sativus, Cucurbitaceae) can be interpreted with the help of a functional-structural plant (FSP) model. Chen et al. use this novel approach to quantify different salinity effects on canopy photosynthesis and discover interactions between plant architecture, stomatal regulation and light conditions. Salinity effects on plant architecture and photosynthetic […] More

  • A functional–structural kiwifruit vine model

    A functional–structural kiwifruit vine model

    A functional–structural kiwifruit vine model Overcoming the vigorous growth of kiwifruit vines in order to channel carbohydrates into fruit is a major challenge for growers. To help improve management techniques and to provide insights into the mechanisms of vine development, Cieslak et al. present a model using the L-system platform that integrates 3D architecture, carbon […] More