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    Sporophytes and calyptras

    Photograph by Ron Oldfield, Macquarie University, See The image shows sporophytes and calyptras of Funaria hygrometrica, a water moss (photograph by Ron Oldfield, Macquarie University). The calyptra is a gametophytic tissue that covers the tip of the elongating sporophyte. A young sporophyte with an intact calyptra appears in the lower left corner, whilst other […] More

  • Carrots Transformed by Agrobacterium infections

    Carrot Transformation with Agrobacterium

    This videoblog from is about one of the Cell and Developmental Biology practicals that I run at the University of Leicester for course #BS1003. It involves infection of carrot root slices with three strains of Agrobacterium, two of which cause the plant cells to divide. An earlier video showed how we set up the […] More

  • Editing for the virtual studio

    Using a Virtual Studio and making videoblogs on YouTube

    Virtual studios and video blogs: I’ve produced and edited my first videoblogs, and here I’m going to give some indications of how they were made. The videoblogs mean I can tell you about interesting things in plant sciences and about my work, and explain informally some of the stories around the things we publish in […] More