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  • Detailed metabolite concentrations for C (left panels) and N (right panels) for two examples of photosynthetic organs

    Simulating carbon and nitrogen patterns using an integrated model of wheat functioning

    Based on a mechanistic approach, the CN-Wheat model simulates the fluxes of carbon (C) and nitrogen (N) metabolites in wheat plants after anthesis. Barillot et al. show that the CN-Wheat model can be used to predict allocation and dynamics of C and N resources among culm organs in conjunction with observations from field experiments. CN-Wheat […] More

  • Botanical description of the culm structure of wheat as implemented in the model.

    A process-based model of C and N metabolism in the wheat culm

    Linking traits and metabolic processes to whole plant performance results in improved crops. Barillot et al., present CN-Wheat, a comprehensive and mechanistic model of carbon (C) and nitrogen (N) metabolism within wheat culms after anthesis. Culm organs are described explicitly and include structural, storage and mobile metabolites. An innovative aspect of CN-Wheat lies in the […] More

  • N-source preference in plants (Viewpoint)

    N-source preference in plants (Viewpoint)

    Plants can utilize two major forms of inorganic nitrogen, nitrate (NO3–) and ammonium (NH­4+), with some species appearing to ‘prefer’ one form over another, under certain conditions. Soil-N speciation has been shown to be an important determinant of species distribution, but no ecophysiologically realistic, mathematically sound model has yet emerged to describe and predict this […] More