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Tag: abiotic stress

Mitochondria and stress signalling

How does a plant sense stress and pass those signals around its body? Corentin Dourmap and colleagues have reviewed the role of...

Expression of the sesame MYB transcription factor SiMYB305 boosts tolerance to drought and salt stress in Arabidopsis

Improving crop tolerance to environmental stresses is of paramount importance to global food security. To protect themselves from abiotic stress, plants translate...

How does partnership work for a lichen in the Antarctic?

Lichens are partnerships between algae and fungi. In the Antarctic Lichens offer algae shelter against the cold, but also an uncertain future.

Hybrids may succeed where invasive species fail as sea levels rise

Invasive species might suffer from a change in conditions in tidal areas, but their hybrid offspring may have genes to survive.

Functional traits of vascular plants colonizing alpine cushions

Global warming threatens species living in the highest and coldest areas. Alpine cushion plants are potentially endangered by stronger species expanding from lower elevations....

Maize glycosyltransferase modifies flavonols and enhances stress tolerance

Flavonols are plant produced secondary metabolites and could exert health-promoting effects in humans. To become stable and functional molecules, flavonols are firstly biosynthesized and...

Phenotypic plasticity of polyploid plant species promotes transgressive behaviour in their hybrids

Hybridization is a common process that leads to relevant evolutionary and ecological consequences. The genotypes resulting from hybridization commonly show phenotypic traits with intermediate...

Silicon: the underappreciated plant nutrient

What nutrients do you consider to be important to a plant? What do plants need to be successful, to grow, photosynthesise, develop and defend...

Arabidopsis gene expression in hypobaria

Extreme hypobaria represents an environment that is mostly outside of the evolutionary experience of terrestrial plants, and yet hypobaria may be a part of...

Increased resistance to a generalist herbivore in a salinity-stressed non-halophytic plant

During their life, plants face multiple stresses. However, studies on single stress factors have typically neglected possible interactions with other factors. In a recent study published...

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Botanists Pull Apart the Genes of Bananas to See How They Came Together

Banana genes reveal how they may have passed through other hybrid stages.

Sympatric moss populations can form true hybrid zones

Hybridization between species has not been considered an important factor in the evolution of mosses. The moss life cycle has led many...

A key protein may help trigger germination in Arabidopsis seeds

Seed germination is a critical step in the life cycle of flowering plants. Since seeds contain limited reserves, seed germination has to...

Daffodils and Snowdrops react differently to warming seasons

Daffodils and Snowdrops need the right temperatures in a few seasons to germinate. Will a changing climate cause problems?