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Expression of aquaporin subtypes in cotton under salt stress

Three aquaporins are reliable tools to identify cotton genotypes tolerant to salt stress, based on expression of qPCR-transcripts

Early Lateral Root Development Is Driven by Thirst

Roots are critical for plants to find water and nutrients. They can also be expensive to grow, so a plant needs to...

Arabidopsis halleri: a model system for studying population differentiation and local adaptation

Whilst studies on Arabidopsis thaliana have generally been highly molecular and/or genetic in nature, most studies using A. halleri have addressed adaptation and variation in adaptive traits in the species’ natural habitat.

tealeaves: an R package for modelling leaf temperature using energy budgets

Plants are able to grow, survive and reproduce under a wide range of temperatures. Examples of plants that thrive in temperature extremes...

Resprouting potential of rhizome fragments in an invasive aquatic plant

Non-native aquatic Ludwigia species from a polyploid complex are among the world’s most problematic invasive plants. A new paper in AoBP finds out why.

A new whole-plant framework simulates realistic water and carbon flow

CPlantBox generates a variety of 3D full plant architectures and accurately simulates water and carbon flow in the full plant.

From stable rules to complex shapes in plant modelling

How can models capture the complexity and variation of plant phenotypes? Vidal and Andrieu have taken a look at maize.

Palms show huge variation in their resistance to drought-induced embolism

This study represents the first estimate of drought-induced xylem embolism in palms across biomes and provides the first step towards understanding hydraulic adaptations in long-lived arborescent monocots.

Spine type and resource availability affect when saplings grow their defences

For young woody plants, being eaten by large mammals is a major threat and source of sapling mortality. Some species produce spines...

Impact of sodic soils on wheat coleoptile length and root angle

How do plants emerge from the ground in tough sodium-rich soils?

Thermal acclimation of plant respiration is tissue type specific

Carbon released from the land surface is one of the largest fluxes of carbon dioxide (CO2) between the atmosphere and the Earth’s...

Maize is better when it’s hairy

Root hairs help maize take up phosphorus from the soil.

Most Read

Complex interplay of responses when plants experience canopy shading

Plants react to both decreased red:far red ratio and decreased photosynthetically active radiation, and in different ways.

Simulated Herbivory Leads Grasses to Pass Fungal Symbionts to Their Offspring

Many grasses host symbiotic fungi, Epichloë spp. These fungi can help grasses tolerate herbivory, or help repel herbivores. But how do these...

The Garden Jungle by Dave Goulson

(or Gardening to Save the Planet) On my every growing to-do list is create...

X-ray dose limits for microscopy lower than we thought

Subtle damage to hydrated tissue occurs at a far lower dosage than previously thought, and may be difficult to recognize.