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Thursday, April 2, 2020
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Do the small things to make a big difference

Across Europe, students and young people are taking a stance on climate change and demanding action. From Belgium to Germany, youth-led climate protests are...

What’s Not a Nut?

'May contain nuts', but what is a nut? A quiz to annoy your friends with.

To drink, or not to drink – do trees coordinate their water supply with environmental conditions?

Predicting future responses of trees to drought is notoriously difficult, requiring consideration of many factors, including temperature, soil type, and how trees regulate their...

Wassailing to wake the trees

January 17 marks twelfth night in the Julian Calendar. It also marks the traditional night of wassailing, a ritual to drive evil spirits from the orchard.

Why are/aren’t we following you on Twitter?

Who do we follow on Twitter? Here's why we follow people and why we don't.

Non-Specific Phospholipase C2 (NPC2) in plant immune responses in Arabidopsis

The non-specific phospholipases C (NPC) are recently discovered new subclass of plant phospholipases. Most of them have not yet been characterised thoroughly. Krčková et al....

Can plants escape from an arms race?

It's easy to see how herbivory could lead to defences in plants, but what happens when the attackers start using those expensive defences for their own benefit?

The Return of the Rainbow Rose

One of our most popular posts is Roses are red – but they don’t need to be, if you know how to use food...

The Hungry Gap: Food for temperate February and March

Have we banished the hungry gap? Pat Heslop-Harrison has been talking to BBC Radio Leicester.


It's Friday afternoon, so I'm relaxing with a video, in this case the latest from Brilliant Botany, a follow up to the earlier video,...

Ecology and genetics of transitions from outcrossing to selfing in Primula

Investigations of Primula oreodoxa have revealed several features that differ from classic textbook descriptions of heterostyly based on P. vulgaris.

Choosing learning over knowing

Is academia about having the right answers to problems? Emily Larson argues that it's the process of getting there that's important.

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What creates Gentiana diversity in mountains?

The Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau (QTP) is extremely rich in species, but why? One recent explanation is the mountain‐geobiodiversity hypothesis (MGH) by Mosbrugger et...

Modelling Three-Dimensional Leaf Shape Variation

L-Cucumber’s leaf prototype mimics leaf shape of stressed plants.

How does variation in traits of Tunisian oak seeds affect survival?

Oaks are the dominant species of tree in many Mediterranean forests. However, the climate of the Mediterranean basin is predicted to change...

How Important Is Leaf Realism in Functional-Structural Plant Modelling?

Making a realistic plant in a computer model is possible, but is it necessary. All the computations generating the plant slow down...