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What is the best conference or workshop you ever attended? Are there any upcoming conferences or workshops that you are looking forward to?

We asked the members of the in silico Plants editorial board about which conferences they had found useful, or were looking forward to. This...

Scaling photosynthesis from gene to leaf

Scientists combine models to create a powerful multiscale model that can identify key transcription factors regulating leaf photosynthesis.

What experience has had the biggest impact on your career?

We asked the members of the in silico Plants editorial board about the experience that has had the biggest impact on their career. This...

HydroShoot: a functional-structural plant model for simulating hydraulic structure, gas and energy exchange dynamics

A new model is able to predict the effect of training systems on grapevine gas-exchange dynamics under drought.

Dynamic modeling of the iron deficiency in plants

Scientists unravel the mysteries of the iron deficiency-induced transcriptional response in plants using a dynamic model.

Maize Reproductive Failure under Drought Quantified

Reproductive failure in maize has long been studied in plant science. Now, for the first time, it has been quantitatively synthesized.

Carbon allocation strategies and respiration limit plant growth

A new model allows researchers to understand the consequences of different carbon allocation strategies for plant growth.

An explanatory model of temperature influence on flowering through whole-plant accumulation of FT

Tracking the production and accumulation of FLOWERING LOCUS T improves prediction of flowering time.

A framework for easy plant model integration

A new tool links models of different languages and scales to create entire plants, fields, or regions in silico.

Modeling-Guided High-Yielding Crops

When it comes to meeting the projected 70% increase in food demand in 2050, Dr. Xinguang Zhu considers photosynthetic efficiency to be an unexplored...

The modelling, allocation and redistribution of biomass

Evaluation of a generic biomass partitioning model demonstrates accurate temporal patterns of biomass and nitrogen partitioning.

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X-ray dose limits for microscopy lower than we thought

Subtle damage to hydrated tissue occurs at a far lower dosage than previously thought, and may be difficult to recognize.

Habitat partitioning through reproductive interference in Geranium

We’re familiar with seeing insects flit from one flower to the next, carrying pollen as they do so. What happens when they...

Improving overyielding in legume-based mixtures

A major challenge when supporting the development of intercropping systems remains the design of efficient species mixtures. The ecological processes that sustain...

The Oaks of the North Are Unexpectedly Well-Defended

Normally you would expect plant defences to increase, the closer you get to the equator. This is where insect life is more...