November 28, 2019

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    Drought tolerance strategies of conifer species in the northwestern US

    As trees photosynthesize, using carbon from the atmosphere to grow and store energy, they also lose water to the air (transpire). During a drought, continuing to photosynthesize and transpire puts trees at risk of damaging their hydraulic conductivity and overall health. With growing seasons expected to lengthen with climate change in the northwestern USA, the […] More

  • Annals of Botany: position of Deputy Managing Editor

    Could you chief-edit Annals of Botany?

    Professor Pat Heslop-Harrison, the Chief Editor of Annals of Botany, is standing down in Summer 2020 after twelve very successful years at the helm of Annals of Botany Company‘s flagship journal. Annals of Botany is now the longest continuously-published title in plant science, having been established in 1887. Currently published by Oxford University Press, the […] More