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Daily Archives: Nov 19, 2019

How do you combine simplicity and realism in plant models?

Parsimony and biological reality are often seen as antagonistic goals in plant modelling. Hammer and colleagues argue that isn't always the case, and combining the two approaches could bring benefits to scientists as well as plants.

Aconitum offers bees more nectar to carry its toxic pollen

Male flowers of Aconitum protect their pollen by adding alkaloids. Without pollen as a reward, botanists asked how the flower compensated pollinators.

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Botanists Pull Apart the Genes of Bananas to See How They Came Together

Banana genes reveal how they may have passed through other hybrid stages.

Sympatric moss populations can form true hybrid zones

Hybridization between species has not been considered an important factor in the evolution of mosses. The moss life cycle has led many...

A key protein may help trigger germination in Arabidopsis seeds

Seed germination is a critical step in the life cycle of flowering plants. Since seeds contain limited reserves, seed germination has to...

Daffodils and Snowdrops react differently to warming seasons

Daffodils and Snowdrops need the right temperatures in a few seasons to germinate. Will a changing climate cause problems?