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Monthly Archives: October, 2019

Exploring the salt tolerance of the Nona Bokra rice landrace

Salt stress is a major limiting factor for crop production across the world. Rice is particularly sensitive to salinity, with both plant growth and...

Biofuels grow better when willows weep less

A challenge for biofuels is water use. A successful biofuel strategy will have water-efficient plants.

Growing biofuels in marginal land

A problem with growing biofuels is that they can take land needed for food. What happens when you start growing biofuels on marginal land where food crops are not possible?

Plants, Humans and War! A triangular affair.

Pichersky, E. (2018). Plants and Human Conflict. CRC Press,206p. At first glance, ‘Plants and Human Conflicts’ looks like a simple book, with a single banana...

What happens when a vampire plant ‘bites’ two victims at once?

When the parasitic plant dodder attacks two plants, stress felt by one victim can be passed to the other.

Poisoned soils could be healed with the right kind of cress

Buck Rogers found the land around New Chicago in the 25th century was polluted and barren. But pollution might not be a long-term problem if you have the right Brassica.

Where do all the Epipactis orchids come from?

Botanists use the orchid genus Epipactis as a model for speciation, but unravelling its family tree has been difficult.

Introducing MuSCA, the multi-scale carbon allocation model

MuSCA reveals that the topological scale has a major influence on the simulation of carbon allocation.

Unravelling the genetic makeup of hybrid meadow knapweed populations in North America

Hybridization is thought to be a primary trigger of plant invasions, due to short term hybrid vigour of early generations or increased evolutionary potential...

Most Read

What creates Gentiana diversity in mountains?

The Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau (QTP) is extremely rich in species, but why? One recent explanation is the mountain‐geobiodiversity hypothesis (MGH) by Mosbrugger et...

Modelling Three-Dimensional Leaf Shape Variation

L-Cucumber’s leaf prototype mimics leaf shape of stressed plants.

How does variation in traits of Tunisian oak seeds affect survival?

Oaks are the dominant species of tree in many Mediterranean forests. However, the climate of the Mediterranean basin is predicted to change...

How Important Is Leaf Realism in Functional-Structural Plant Modelling?

Making a realistic plant in a computer model is possible, but is it necessary. All the computations generating the plant slow down...