June 25, 2019

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  • Bidens pilosa
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    Achene heteromorphism in Bidens pilosa (Asteraceae): differences in germination and possible adaptive significance

    Bidens pilosa L. (also known as cobbler’s pegs, farmer’s friend and burr marigold) is a noxious weed in many ecosystems worldwide. Across China, the plant can be found growing on roadsides and in fields and villages at elevations below 2500 m. It produces large numbers of heteromorphic (central and peripheral) achenes that differ in morphology, with […] More

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    Benefits of within-species diversity on crop mixtures

    Like positive effects of species diversity, genetic diversity may have strong positive effects on agricultural ecosystems and positively influence production and species abundances in multispecies covers. But the effects of genetic diversity have not been much studied. Meilhac et al. study five species mixtures in temporary grasslands that differ by levels of genetic diversity. For […] More