June 20, 2019

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    The suitability of Brachypodium distachyon for the study of ammonium stress in cereals

    Most plants acquire nitrogen from the soil in the form of nitrate (NO3−) or ammonium (NH4+). Ammonium-based nutrition is gaining interest because it helps to avoid environmental concerns associated with nitrate fertilisation. The two main issues with nitrate-based fertilisers are the leaching of excess fertiliser into water courses and the formation of nitrous oxide, a […] More

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    Function of the pleurogram

    Water-impermeable seeds have structures (“water gaps” or lens in legumes) for detecting environmental cues that cause them to become water-permeable (nondormant). Physical dormancy is common in legume species, whose seeds may have a visibly-demarcated structure called the pleurogram. Rodrigues-Junior et al. update the occurrence of the pleurogram in plant taxa and show for the first […] More